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Trail Map

Reynolds Nature Preserve Trail Map

Traveling the Trails 

Summit Loop
Distance: 1 Mile 
Difficulty Level:
Moderately Strenuous
Circle largest patch of unspoiled woodlands. Challenge your self by walking clockwise up our steepest incline to the top of Back Mountain, benchmark elevation 1,116 ft

Pond Loop 
Distance: 1 Mile
Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
: Circumnavigate four ponds and observe a wide variety of birds and aquatic wildlife. Big Pond offers a dock for a closer look and scenic view from the dam along the trail.

Perimeter Loop
Distance: 1.5 miles 
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Description: Enjoy the history and beauty of the preserve on this perimeter path. For an easier hike, walk counter- clockwise to avoid a steep climb up Back Mountain. Try the Boardwalk and Woodland Pond trails for a short side trip to see a spring, swamp, and secluded pond

                         Things to Do While Hiking...

Bird Watching: How many of our winged friends can you identify?  Can you find our State bird?  

Click link below to learn more about the Atlanta Audubon Society. 

Fern Challenge: How many ferns can you identify while out on the trails? Here's a checklist to help you.

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